Sometimes she consoles herself about how one day everyone will accept her as she is from inside. They judge her from head to toe as if her kind behavior, her talents, her thoughts, her dreams, her willpower – nothing else matter for them except her external looks. If you think only obese people suffers depression because of all the judgments of this so called society, then take a look at these personal experiences straight from the diary of a skinny girl.

1. “It must be because of the screwed-up eating pattern” – They say, a skinny person is skinny because he/she refuses to manage a healthy diet throughout the day but trust me, this isn’t the case with everyone. What some people around do not understand is different humans have different body structure. We all are born with different body structures and that is how it works. We cannot always change how our body functions. Skinny people have the genetics which give them a quick metabolism. When a person is gaining fat, he/she is said to have a bad metabolism function.  For example, when a skinny person eats as much as obese person, his/her body would not show much difference but when a substantial person eats in a small quantity, his/her body begins to react hastily and hence they gain fats faster than others. It’s not like I have a serious disorder regarding food intake, but I can only eat as much as my body wants to accept.
P.s. – I do feel hungry therefore, I do eat just like any other normal person.

2. “Scraggy bodies are for modelling purpose only” – wrong, wrong, wrong. Some of them starve till they pass out and that, is not ‘skinny’ but utter idiocy. “Clothes look better on tall & skinny girls” is one horrible norm of fashion industry. Though the time is changing now, and many brands are hiring overweight girls; there is a long way to go when many parts of the fashion & entertainment wouldn’t be biased – where every woman – whether skinny or overweight would get equal opportunity and acceptance.

3. “Lean people can wear anything they want to” – When you are lean AND tall, you cannot just go to the store & find a well fitting shirt or jeans. Only a skinny person can understand this awful struggle. Being tall, S is too small for me & being thin, M is too baggy for me you know? There is nothing in between. It feels as if all these local & international brands have taken a pledge of never coming up with proper sizes of attire for people like us. When your friends are shopping in xyz brand store and you are just staring at those shelves filled with trendy clothes, ‘cause you know you cannot fit in them as of now, it is just an absolute disappointment with yourself.

4. “A skinny body is equals to unhealthy person” – As obvious as it may sound but it doesn’t get applied to every lean body structured person. I rarely fall sick (*touchwood*touchwood*). Maybe it’s my body which is too nice to have mercy on me or maybe the white blood cells inside me are truly great soldiers! But this is the only one side of the coin, a nightmare giggles on the other side telling me that you cannot win if you get into the physical fight with someone and that my friend, is an undeniable truth. The other day, one of my good friends punched on my shoulder with a minimal force and poof! My stupid bone got swollen leaving a blend of red-blue-green scar on that particular area. Having great hemoglobin percentage is not always enough to fight back – this truth is indisputable.

5. “You are lucky because you don’t have to face consequences which are generally faced by chubby folks” – Really? What about lean people like us? We do have to go through various issues like we cannot lift heavy weight objects, we cannot ride heavy vehicles, we cannot walk for long time, we cannot tolerate heavy cold or heavy temperature due to our thin skin. We struggle with weak bones & if we ever get injured, the pain is obviously more than those who have normal weight so; no we do not feel lucky at all when we have to bare all that physical pain.

6. “Carrying yourself must be as easy as ABC” – “Not really, darling!” I do not even remember when was the last time I stepped out of the house without looking in the mirror thrice. It is hard to go throughout the day specially when your profession requires communication with different kinds of people. Showing confidence on face even when you are feeling extremely exhausted from inside, is no joke. Being skinny is in some people’s genetics but making excuses isn’t. So what you were born that way? We all are in the same race with equal rules.

So the next time anyone looks at you from head to toe and call you a ‘skeleton’ or even a ‘round’, show them the best curve you could ever wear – your smile. Has it been written anywhere in golden words that a woman should look like an hourglass and a man, like hulk? Your dress size is not more important than the size of your zest. There is nothing wrong with your body but so much wrong with those minds which make fun of it for the sake of self-entertainment. Be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself inside-out for who you really are. Whether you are size 0 or size 18, never ever starve yourself – intake healthy food and breathe positivity ‘cause that’s how your mirror would fall in love with you every single day.

‘Pole’ in school,
‘Skeleton’ in college and
‘Matchstick’ at workplace;
body shamming lived with her
from the time she didn’t even know its meaning.
Visible bones, thigh gaps
Flat chest or not so toned butt,
She wasn’t born to look sexy in your parties;
her soul was meant to suit-up for the meetings
to build grand opportunities for herself –
so that the world which tries to mock her
shall feel ashamed of their slender minds
instead of leaving her body in disguise.

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Anushka Sharma as Shashi and / Ghost
Diljit Dosanjh as Roop Lal
Suraj Sharma as Kanan
Mehreen Pirzada as Anu (Kanan’s girlfriend)

“It will bore you to tears”, they said.

Turns out, I didn’t even yawn for once throughout the movie. But they were not wrong about tears; I did shed some, in joy as well as in misery.

Produced by siblings – Anushka Sharma & Karnesh Sharma and directed by Anshai Lal, released on 24th March 2017; Phillauri isn’t just a movie but a magnificent concept of which no one ever thought of before in Bollywood industry. Even though some scenes might hit you right in the heart, from the beginning to the end, the film stays true to its genre – ‘romantic comedy’.
The 33 year old Actor & singer Diljit Dosanjh made a perfect pair with Bollywood’s one of the most talented actress Anushka Sharma.

The movie begins with Kanan’s (Suraj Sharma) marriage meet with his long-term girlfriend Anu’s (Mehreen) family where an astrologer suggests his family to get him married with a tree so that all hitch in his upcoming life shall fade out. Kanan has no idea that he isn’t only getting hitched to a tree but also with the ghost (of Shashi) which lived on that tree for decades. The movie takes you a century back where Shashi & Roop Lal’s love story begins within a small village of Punjab. Soothing poetries, sunny fields, knotted dreams; everything seemed nothing less than beautiful. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! What was written in the fate of flower like lady Shashi and community’s joy Roop Lal? Viewers would have to bide their time to know that! On the other hand, the ongoing time period revolves around Kanan & his girlfriend’s pre-wedding life conflicts – which the ghost of Shashi tries to sort out eventually.

If you are one highly sensitive person like me, then the last few minutes can take you to a world where you will cry your eyes out, regardless of how hard you try to withhold your feelings.
Anvita Dutt has done an exceptional job in penning down the lyrics for the songs while Diljit himself has sung two songs for the film.
Romance, comedy, history, mystery, music – all in all, Phillauri is the perfect blend of everything. So what are you waiting for? Take the time off from work or get off from your couch and get ready to enter into a world where you cannot resists to feel plentiful emotions.

Phillauri the movie definitely deserves 3.5 out of 5 stars.



“Why can’t you just be happy?”, my classmates used to ask me in worry.

“Happy? What’s that?” – This was my all time favourite counter question.

‘Happiness meaning’ I typed on Google and hit the search button when I graduated from my high school. Until then, I was too innocent to care about my own emotions. I was innocent and ignorant just like a new born who does not hold capability to understand more than a specific limit. For me, definition of happiness didn’t exist – it wasn’t even necessary. Serenity that came from running freely on the grass with naked foots & agitation that occurred whenever I missed my favourite cartoon serial. That’s all mattered. There was nothing in between. Back in those days, I was carefree.
As I grew young, I eventually started realizing that two more emotions exists inside us, then five more, and then ten more. Certainly, most of them are negative so they begun to overshadow my ‘peacefulness’. After all, it takes one little spark to spread the fire which destroys anything & everything, and millions of water drops to create one beautiful pond. Each of us may go through different phases or various experiences but sufferance is inevitable. Well, it just happens. We hope & depend too much on someone or something that we literally hand over our mind’s remote to that person or that particular situation. Situations are unpredictable, and so are people – it took me five years to understand this shit. I was brutally failing in giving myself that one smile back. It has always been easy for people around me to capture my state of mind. I am a zero at hiding my emotions, no matter how hard I try to cover them up. They counselled me at an individual level, tried to divert my  mind by taking me out for few hours, some of them scolded me so that I would change my thoughts. At one point, they all stopped trying. Not because they didn’t care anymore but because I stopped caring about myself. I thought ‘There is something wrong with my fate because whenever life is gifting me one smile, I am compulsorily paying the price with depression and tears. My thoughts were irrational. Heck, every now & then – they still are. But now I have formulae to control them as much as possible. I have begun to follow this exercise:
If I stay awake till 3 in the morning, I say to myself, “whatever is going on inside my brain is probably insignificant and pointless so why should I screw up my health for the upcoming day? I can think upon all these issues over the period of time when my brain is really relaxed and usually by then my anxieties fades away. As cliché as it might sound but, ‘time heals everything’. We are all slaves to our wants and desires. If someone criticizes you and it makes you think twice about yourself, then you are nothing but a slave to that person’s changing moods. Be aware of the things you are a slave to. Be it materialistic or non-materialistic. When you know, it gets a lot easier to get out of any situation which indirectly saves your time and makes space for things which are profitable for your own self.
The main problem with entire humanity is we ‘ask’ for happiness, instead of ‘building’ it by our own. If boss disapproves the work, disappointment hits right in the heart. If business is going through hard phase for few days, fear eats us inside out. If we notice even the smallest strange thing in our love life, we stay insecure day & night. We expect, we expect ‘greatness’ from everything around us and end up getting disenchanted and yet we anticipate again – that’s the human tendency. Sometimes, we need something to hold onto and that is why some humans visit religious places or perform rituals time and again. But at the end of the day, an atheist & an idolatry; both have to fight through bad phases. So what can you do to make yourself better in this not so perfect world?

  • Get rid of bad people – When you stay twenty feet away from people who does not bring out the best in you, all the qualms inside your head gets cut in half. Whatever brings you down – whether people or thoughts, need to leave immediately.
  • Choose yourself – Wrong decisions? Risks? Consequences? Failure? What are you afraid of? We are humans and not robots. Nothing is going to fall in our laps so easily. Even if something goes totally wrong, you lose nothing but gain. You gain experiences, you gain strength, you learn lessons. Choosing yourself matters when “YOLO”.
  • Cling onto present – that is the only solution to get rid of past’s pain and future’s trepidations. Make the list of things which brings you happiness and make them your priority.
  • Learn to enjoy small things – Take a walk on empty street every once in a while, go for the hiking on nearby mountain and just breathe in the beauty of our nature, plant a tree at the corner of the street, have a good laugh with your beloved, dial the number of the friend you haven’t talked with for a pretty long time, take one day holiday from your work and take a random local bus/train. Observe, contribute, and learn more.
  • Be the boss of your life – Now you will say that this is not easy at all. But you know what? This is not even that complicated. We imagine bad situations like they are as big as a mountain turns out, they aren’t even the size of a dust particle. We evolve them by feeding them unknowingly. Whatever we choose to feed, grows.

Google told me that happiness means feeling cheerful. DO I feel cheerful all the time? No, that’s next to impossible. CAN I simply stay serene through ups & downs in my day to day life? Of course, yes. We humans live an average life of 75-80 years on a dot that carries 10,000,000 different species – which are inhaling, exhaling just like us. What are you afraid of? Yesterday is gone; tomorrow may never come, so be content with what you have now. You don’t have to change your living, but the way you look at your existence. When was the last time you rode with the wind on grass patches with your bare feet? It’s never too late to feel that ‘contentment’ again.

“The key to being happy
is knowing you have the power
to choose what to accept
and what to let go.”
– Dodinsky (In the garden of thoughts)


International Women’s day – Celebrating the invincible spirit of women.

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, nanny, colleague, student, teacher, doctor, adviser, entrepreneur, leader, social activist – in whichever role she is, she pours her whole heart in it. Today, she is sparkling in every field. She is daring to speak up, she is willing to take actions, she is eager to ‘be’, rather than watching other’s ‘becoming’.  But this little-bright situation was not the same few decades ago. There was the time when females had no right to step out of four walls, they had no right to take education or learn any kind of skill, they had no right to choose, and they had no right to breathe with free minds. Taking birth as a female child meant a life full of barriers & misery. There had to be someone to break those walls, to change those polluted thoughts, but in the world of 7 billion people; ‘someone’ was not enough to bring the change. When one woman breaks her silence, the voice echoes, inspiring hundreds to take a stand for good. Let us bring spotlight on some valorous women around the world lived their lives as warriors, who refused to give up every single time and became revolutionary faces of different parts of the world.

Savitribai Phule :


Being born as a female in a country of male dominance and at the period when women used to get treated nothing less than servants, was like living behind the bars right from the first breath. Nevertheless, Savitribai Phule was an exceptional lady. Along with her husband, Mahatma Jyotirao phule (Indian activist & social reformer), she determined to improve woman’s rights in India by solving illiteracy issue. She knew that the education is the first step to bring women out of darkness of the four walls. She founded a school for girls of rural community in pune, Maharashtra in 1848. Savitribai Phule motivated many girls to come to the school & learn for their own betterment. Coming from a family where every woman was illiterate, she took a bold step of taking education from her husband. She wrote many poems against discrimination & illiteracy.  Being the first woman teacher ever in India, she became an inspiration for millions of woman in our country.

Aruna Roy :


Born on 26th June 1946, Aruna Roy’s life journey marked her name in the hundred most influential people in the world in 2011. She is known for her contribution to fight against corruption and promoting government transparency. Her parents played a huge role in making her what she’d always wanted to become – a woman who’d work to bring the change in poor’s lives. She also worked towards the empowerment of small wages workers and farmers. From being a civil servant, to becoming the voice of low-paid people, Aruna Roy played a huge role in establishing right to information & right to work act. She is the co-founder of Mazdoor_Kisan_Shakti_Sangathan.

Safa-al-Ahmad :


This brave heart lady was born in a country where women are treated as second-class citizens. Rights for women in Saudi Arabia are lesser as compared to any other neighbouring country. Most of the times, they do not have right to do many vital tasks like driving a car, wearing make-up or jewellery, talking to a man outside of relative, learn or play their favourite sport, and so on. Despite of knowing all the consequences, Safa al Ahmad stood on her ground in an attempt to break the silence of those millions of Arabian ladies. The government of Saudi tried to stop all her campaigns but they couldn’t shake her enthusiasm. She has made various documentaries on revolutions in Middle East – focusing on the lifestyle of woman so in the flesh, all these inappropriate situations shall come to an end eventually.

Kalpana Chawla :


conquering the world was not enough for the strong creature like woman and that is why Kalpana Chawla – an Indian-American astronaut, aspired to fly in space shuttle. She became the first Indian woman to be in space. In 2003, the entire world had their eyes on NASA’s space shuttle STS-107 Columbia carrying seven crew members including Kalpana Chawla. Right from the school days, Kalpana had that spark inside her. Unlike other students, she would draw airplanes & spacecrafts. She obtained two degrees – Masters of Science & PhD in Aerospace Engineering from University of Texas & University of Colorado. After being in space for 31 days & 14 hours, the STS-107 was finally returning to earth and just when 15 minutes was remaining for space shuttle to land on earth, it exploded, killing all the seven members. NASA honoured kalpana with three different medals for her contribution to astronomy and her ultimate bravery.

Malala Yousafzai :

Malala Yousufzai

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful” – this was the statement made by Malala at one press conference when she won the battle against death. At the age of 12, for BBC website, she anonymously wrote her life experiences during Taliban’s tremendous dominance in Pakistan. Taliban made their own laws in Pakistan such as – there should be no music, no television, no source of education for girls, and so on. But being an educationalist’s child, she knew how essential it was for her and for other kids to get at least basic education so that they don’t have to get influenced by society’s cruel minds. Many evil heads in her community tried to threaten her and others who were trying to bring a positive change in the country but she didn’t backed off and indeed, in the year 2012, when she was just 15 year old; a gunman shoot her down with three bullets on her head. After months of treatment she stood on her own feet and again continued her journey towards stamping out illiteracy. Malala achieved the noble prize at the age of 17 – becoming the youngest ever Noble award laureate. She is still getting honoured in various festivals around the world, television programmes, and international events.

Berta Caceras :


Born in La Esperanza, Honduras, Berta Caceras didn’t think twice before making her mind to work for the betterment of environment. Who would have thought that saving a place which gives us better environment to breathe, would be the reason of somebody’s last breathes? Just when she started opposing the mining works and unlawful deforestation which were destroying our planet’s pleasing environment, she was murdered by some heedless minds by entering inside her home. She was one of the 185 environmental activists who were shot dead worldwide in the year 2015. Even though she is gone, her legacy is still alive among those who are continuing her incomplete battle. Saving the nature and making this world a better place, for our future generations.

Ruchira Gupta :


The fierce lady of Indian society , Ruchira Gupta has worked for over 25 years towards bringing sex trafficking to an end. She is the head of ‘Apne aap woman worldwide’ – an NGO that works for eliminating human sex trafficking. Unlawful prostitution in India is a major issue and trying to stop it means going inside Lion’s territory by self-will. She has also made a documentary upon prostitution business titled – ‘The selling of innocents’. With her ceaseless efforts, Gupta became the voice of millions of victims & survivors of prostitution globally. In her organization, girls & women are given the access to basic and higher education, they are taught different skills so that they can earn on their own, and they are provided legal protection. She told the world how human bodies aren’t made to be stolen or sale. Ruchira Gupta is honoured with Clinton Global Citizen Award by the Clinton foundation and the abolitionist award by the House of Lords.

These are just few woman icons amongst thousands like them, who inspired thousands & millions females to fight for good and climb the stairs of success. From silent generation to Millennials, women are proving that gender has nothing to do with capabilities & tenacity. The day when a woman would no longer have to struggle for her survival, is the day when this world would be one beautiful & a contented place for the entire humankind.
A woman deserves to be free just like any other creature does on this planet. Strength of a woman can carry the weight of the world so if you are a man, support her in her every right decision, if you are a woman then remember to keep building yourself strongly and if you are a human; celebrate the spirit of a woman 365 days instead of celebrating her existence for once in a year.

Don’t question her answers,
don’t doubt her intentions,
don’t disregard her choices,
don’t forget her sacrifices,
but most of all;
never let her feel that she is lesser than the opposite gender.
For she is a woman –
a soul full of wondrous capabilities,
she could move mountains and leap over oceans
once she determines.




India-the land of diversity celebrated its 68th Republic day on 26th of January 2017. Legends came & left forever mark, seasons passed, generations suffered through various scenarios but there are some pieces which are still awaiting to get rearranged.

Somewhere indigenous swears sound vulgar but international ones make you sound cool.

Somewhere temples are full of money & food but somewhere a beggar sleeps empty stomach, with no roof over head.

Somewhere ordinary clothes make you look illiterate while wearing branded clothes ironically make you smart.

Somewhere trash cans are clean, and roads are filled with garbage.

Somewhere people has patience to stand in long queues for buying stuffs on sale from mall, but impatientness reached the ace while standing in ATM/Bank queues after demonitization.

Somewhere sharing fake news through social media applications & sites is more important than finding the truth.

Somewhere traditions matter over living creatures lives.

Somewhere vegetable & fruit vendors are for bargaining & supermarket’s overpriced products gives you a feeling of living high-status lifestyle.

Somewhere people are spitting & urinating publicly but no one heeds. On the contrary, it gets extremely troublesome for few when a couple tries to walk hand-in-hand on streets.

Somewhere residential pools are clean & shinning but no one thinks twice before throwing worship materials in rivers.

Somewhere dowry system still exists. In fact, even in well-educated familiws living in metropolitan cities. Whenever it is from man’s side, it is a dowry and whenever it is from woman’s side – it’s called the ‘need of time’ .

Somewhere some of us scream that ‘education is the key’, but we do not think twice while changing locks.

Somewhere providing one 100 rs. Note to the traffic police is okay whilst wearing one kg helmet seems like a huge burden on head.

Somewhere foreigners try to speak in local language as much as they can, and some citizens exhibit their sophistication level by using huge English sentences at unnecessary places.

Somewhere some people are always ready to debate over Geeta & Quran no matter whether they had read one before or not.

Somewhere you can easily rent a partner for a night and somewhere you have no right to choose a partner for life.

Somewhere we are proud to be known as an originators of Kamasutra but section 377 is still valid.

Somewhere a celebrity is roaming free after committing a major crime and on the other hand, a needy victim seeks for justice all his life.

Somewhere people try hard to ‘cast a vote’ with the hope of changing bad scenario while somewhere someone is happy to ‘vote for a caste’.

And there are many more issue which gets ignored under such vast population.

A country which carries more than 134 crores of population, living in 29 states & 7 union territories, with more than 8 religions & 1,652 unalike languages in use, India, is not just a country, it is one carefully & divinely crafted concept. Any kind of positive social modification is possible if we, as an individual, dare to take a small steps towards it. Dr. B R AMBEDKAR wrote the constitution of India 68 years ago yet today’s society is somewhere lacking to live up to it. Where there is darkness, there is also a bright ray of hope. Today, our country’s literacy rate is continually increasing, female foeticide is finely decreasing, gates of opportunities for woman are gradually opening. We need more such progressive changes.No, the whole nation doesn’t need you but at least five people around you does. Stay awake, for you are a part of world’s biggest democracy. A country cannot do anything for you until & unless you are ready to do something for it.

Safety, Justice, Liberty, Equality, & Fraternity has no place where fear breathes. Change is possible only when all the minds are freed. One rotten mango can spoil the entire basket & we cannot afford to have a bolt on our well-formed culture. Talent & Wisdom flows in our veins, together let’s create a place where we can constantly boost them. Once social evolution begins, it cannot be reversed. The future belongs to us & our esteemed tricolor. So let’s not accept the situation, expect the best – from self, and fulfill our responsibilities towards the nation ’cause that is how we can create a better nation for next generations by fixing these unfitting pieces to create a beautiful picture for the world in the end.




Some of us often compare our life with others around us.
We dig so hard into their lives that we outside our own journey.
“She is more attractive”,
“How is he earning more than I do?”,
“They were born with silver spoon in their mouth.”
and there are dozens of such more outlooks which arises like barriers in our own way.
Unchain your dreams.
Turn the tables & compile unstructured reality.
All these opinions are nothing but the outcomes of a tiny mind-set,
which won’t take you somewhere, which will definitely take you to nowhere.
So, appreciate where you are right now.
You are neither ahead of time, nor falling behind.
But you know what? You don’t have to be bound to a device which ticks the same number twice a day,
for as long as you can listen to the sound of your own heart beats.
Whether you are 18 or 81, you are always capable to be
a little more than you think you could be.
’cause if all those hurdles are locks, then your strength is the only key.

Just look within, and lift off!


Google Vs. Bing : The race of two leading search engines

Google – we all know that it is one of the best search engines in the world of Internet. a worldwide admired name for its capability of finding numerous amount of results within seconds. It is an ocean of information in which millions of people dive every single day. It has been fixed in our minds that search engine means Google. But there are couple of other search engines on Internet which lacked in coming into limelight & Bing, is not an exception. But, it has the second best ranking all over the world. As a replacement for Live search from Microsoft, Bing came into existence in June 2009. Its shares are constantly increasing and has captured more than 20% of United States of America’s search engine market.

As big as Google & Yahoo are, in point of fact, Bing is not as poor as people think it is. Bing has a nice, stylised UX along with functionality which isn’t too far behind Google’s. Bing is known to excel in certain areas – such as its image results which some believe to be a cut above to Google’s. Besides, Bing ads service is also very much popular. Probably ‘cause they offer rewards through coupons for E-commerce websites. This is a fascinating reason for one to use Bing.

Microsoft invested in creating consoles like the XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE which forced them to develop certain technologies at a faster pace than Google. Because consoles have limited input (no keyboards), Microsoft’s consoles were processing voice-activated searches from gamers long before Google entered that specific playing field.

Being a Microsoft product, Bing gets plenty of hate. If you put the politics aside, this web search engine is quite proficient. Certainly, a much better effort than I would have expected from a large, bloated organisation perceived to be past its prime in terms of innovation. When it comes to searching, editing, & executing codes, Bing is the best platform.

Microsoft lack the same cloud-computing power which Google have access to and this is Google’s foremost superpower, not their search algorithms! I am sure Microsoft have a very strong cloud computing network – but it’s just not on par. Due to this reason, they can’t gather data as quickly, and so cannot crawl as commendably. This is the main thing which is hampering Bing currently, when compared with Google. With G-suite, Google business, books, Picasa, Panoramio, google glasses, knowledge graph, scholar, blogger, hangouts, Google knows how to serve everything under one roof. Bing wins the best search engine award for privacy but every now & then, it lacks in finding local information in depth.

Financial investment matters a lot and so human capital. It didn’t take too long for Google to understand this key policy and that is why they are loved by their employees. Bing is indisputably capable of competing with Google in some areas but as they say, ‘one mountain cannot contain two tigers’ and no matter what, it is extremely tough for Bing to conquest Google.

At the end of the day – one of the few western businesses which value its engineers (the doing people) & put them first, has seen superior functionality and massive profits. Other companies who create a gulf between ‘decision makers’ & ‘the little people who don’t matter’ (engineers) cannot hope to catch up. Not until they fundamentally change their ways and decide to respect the doers, as they well deserve.

Having capability wouldn’t work if there are no actions taken. If Bing wants to stay ahead in the race, it must work on different areas as the major mantra of the Google is to continuously making people’s day to day life easier by providing the best technology possible. To sum up, it is not about which search engine is superior or which is inferior, it is all about getting the best of both worlds. So, the next time you need a help in resolving your queries, whether to ‘Bing it on’ or to ‘Google it’, the choice is yours!



The countdown is on. Just 10 days left until we all must say good-bye to 2016. I can’t believe a year went by so fast. I made a lot of predictions about how 2016 would be but 80% of them did not come true. Was it disheartening for me? Of course yes! Am I still upset? Definitely not. However bad it all may seem, I learned a lot of eye opening lessons out of everything that happened. We all presume about every little thing inside our onliest head, but that’s what makes a human, a human.
So, I failed terribly in many things which I tried to do throughout the year. Perhaps, I did not try enough. But it was really important for me to get the knack of certain matters. Failure, achievement, love, hurt, misery, amusements, anger, disappointments, joyousness, dumbfoundedness, curiosities, realizations, blessings, surprises, and what not!
For me, this year has been a pretty wild ride. Taking some references from my personal diary, here I am sharing 16 lessons that I learned in 2016:

1. Wake up early – The poblem with today’s generation is, we often whine about not having an enough time to do something. When you prioritize things, it gets easier for you to feel accomplished. If you want to make time for something, then put it on the top of your ‘things to do’ list. Forget everything else & just do it. And yes, Waking up early saves most of your time throughout the day. When you start early, you finish it as early as you can and the rest of the time is yours. One more benefit of waking up with the sun is that
we feel fresh, stress free, & active throughout the day. Try it, it works!

2. Pay less attention to social media – For me, the year 2015 & the first six-seven months of 2016 were all about being on social media. Scrolling through Facebook feed, liking & commenting on Instagram, posting as many tweets as I can using hash tags of trending topics, and uploading pictures on pinterest. We don’t realize the time we spend once we get into the trap of fascinating virtual world. Once we enter into it, it is hard to exit. And then we do not even think about how cool it’d actually be to go & ‘talk’ with the friend/relative with whom you were chatting for hours or how amazing it would be if you would have gone out in fresh air & click some pictures of nature & objects on your own? I am not saying you shouldn’t do this at all but talking from my personal experience, When I caught myself being completely trapped in the web of virtual world, I discerned that I have been doing it wrong all this time!

3. Happiness is the key – If you are not happy with yourself, you cannot be happy with anyone or anything. Whether it is about your career path or your relation with someone. If you are not content with your 9-6 work, then get the hell out of it. Have enough guts to start something on your own. And about relations (be it a love relation, your relationship with your family, or your friend), they are too delicate to handle with all the frustrations & forced expectations. Communicate, understand, Work it out together. If you are mature enough to know what is a ‘relation’, you must be mature enough to identify the fact that not everyone is replaceable. Having someone with you through rain & shine is the icing on the cake but hey, it is you who are responsible for the cake!

4. A hobby a day keeps negativity away – when we have a free time, we think way too much about current circumstances of our life. Our stupid human mind has an massive capability of turning a small hitch into a big one. 90% of the time we bother about things which are not going to be true at all. Even if you aren’t employed or do not have stable business yet, there are many other ways to keep yourself engaged throughout the day. Immerse yourself in your favorite hobby. Join classes & courses. I discovered my passion for photography just few months back & here I have created my own page on Instagram where I have been uploading some of my clicks:

5. Winning isn’t everything, trying is – I did not win at many things throughout the year. You don’t always win! Life is smarter than you will ever be. It won’t give you anything easily. Falling, getting up, trying over & over again is what going to make you the person you will be at the end of your journey.

6. Hanging out with positive people matters a lot –  Be with people that accepts you the way you are. Knowingly or unknowingly, they lift up your spirit. Stay away from negative people or negative thoughts. They won’t add any value to your day. If you really want to change your life, you have to change the people you hang around with.

7. Healthy body is a healthy mind – I was horribly dependent on medications for months. I was so addicted to medicines that I used to think I cannot survive without them. As my food intake was extremely low, they screwd up my entire body from inside & outside.
Healthy food works as a fuel to your body. Fresh fruits, vegetables, Keeps your body hydrated, and exercise helps in preventing illness.

8. Your gut is always right – Always, always, always listen to your gut. Whenever I have gone against my intuition, it’s been a disaster. Listen to your gut, it’s always right.

9. Life is unpredictable. Never walk away mad from someone who you love – Throughout the year, I have seen my relatives/distinct relatives who were here at one moment & gone forever in the next. Forgive fast. Moreover, learn to accept the apology you haven’t even got. Not for them, but for yourself. This way you neither have to kill you happiness, nor have to regret about anything in upcoming days.

10. Some questions are better left unanswered – Understand the fact that not everything is meant to be understood!

11. If you want a loyal friend, get a dog (not even a cat!) – Sometimes, We humans tend to change our priorities way too easily. So look carefully, many of your friends aren’t loyal to you they are just loyal to their need of you. Once their need change, you may get replaced!
My bestest friends gave up on me for no reason. Well, right or wrong, they might be having their own reasons on which I had no right to question.

12. Don’t let little things get to you, indeed, the Kings & pawns has to live in the same box –
In the end, we are just a dust particle in hundreds of billions of galaxies out there. Love more, worry less, burn your ego and spread around smiles. Your behavior of today, comes back to you tomorrow!

13. Whenever in doubt, take elders advice –
Take your parents/guardians advice into consideration, not because they are always right, but because they have more experience in being wrong.

14. Curiosity is a bliss – If you do not know something then ask! It is as simple as that. We often feel shy to ask something to someone being in fear of they might belittle us. There is no shame in knowing right thing from the right person. You are never too old to know little more!

15. Judgements are dangerous – Do not judge people. Do not belive in rumors. Learn to respect and acknowledge the feelings of others. If you spend most of your time to judge them blindly, you will not have any time left to love them.

16. Slow down. Be gentle with yourself – Living in  this modern society, people are always in hurry to achieve something. Everyone wants to be ahead in the race but we need to slow the heck down! We mess up everything that’s beautiful by taking it for granted. Close your eyes and breathe or just look around for one entire minute keeping everything aside(including your phone). Don’t stress over things you cannot change. Be glad that you tried. If it is meant to be happen, it will happen in the course of time.

So just turn around once & take a look, you will see that everything has changed over time. This crazy life makes little sense and the more we grow, the less sense it will make. Make the most of it now before it all changes once again. Maybe 2016 was not the best year of my life but I know eventually life as a puzzle, will finally find its broken pieces back. As we all are going to unfold the new chapter of 2017, we have a very blurry picture about where we are headed to.
But there’s one thing which will always stay constant as long as we alive and that is, the next page.
So just hold on when you feel like giving up already.
And if your books next page isn’t as nice as you expected it to be,
Then you just have to wait for another one.
’cause you know? you should not wait for ‘The End’.
You should always wait for a ‘Happy Ending!’


Perfectly Imperfect

I am not a perfect woman.

Some days I’d wake up at 6 am &
workout till my body screams in pain.

On the other day I’d just get lost in my dreams
ditching my fat gain routine, like a careless infant.

Some days I won’t eat much. Probably, nothing at all.
not for any ‘dieting’ purpose.
but simply because I don’t feel hungry
inside this super skinny body.

At times, I’d scream & cry wildly
and you would find me smiling over random situations in next moment,
even when I don’t want to.

No; I am not a psychotic,
but sometimes, this is how I teach my brain
to have control over emotions.

you could notice me wide awake,

sitting by my room’s window at 3 am.
Thinking about people I’ll love boundlessly more than my life,
people I abhor & will always do throughout my lifetime,
& people I’ve long forgiven on the darkest turns of my journey.
They all provide me equal strength.

And deep asleep,
at 4:20 am. 

I am not a perfect woman,

don’t be surprised
if I go for ‘lemon juice’ on boardwalk 

over a cup of hot latte from the most lavish café in the town.

Don’t stay indifferent
if I buy you that most expensive shirt

from your favourite brand’s collection,
taking you to a nearby shopping centre. 
I won’t ask for anything in return, but just a smile.
A real smile, to notify me that I am doing something right.

To notify me why it was worth it
to wait for that one person for years

who opened up all the gates of heaven for me,
even if some numskulls always believed that I deserve hell.

I am not a perfect woman,
I often disagree with my family,
I even fight with them terribly,
but you will see me hugging them in few hours
like not a single argument happened between us

‘cause I know whatever they are, they are mine.

I am not a perfect woman,

No, l don’t ‘push’ doors that clearly say ‘pull’.
In fact,
I literally dash into them every now & then.

I can’t express myself 96% of the time.

I hate gossips.
I stay silent. A lot.
I am one of those most bashful humans
that you will ever come across.  

Getting into awkward situations
while communicating with world 
has become my routine.

But my words are faultless, loud, & clear
even though my thoughts are curled.

I am not a perfect woman,

Going to parties is not my cup of tea.   
Sitting at the edge of river,
zealously counting stars on my fingers,
provides serenity to my heart.

Loud noise, liquors, or dance floors,
can never move my soul like that.

I am a zero when it comes to fashion & make-up
I can’t differentiate palettes
they all look the same to me.
I fail to understand how to match my accessories with my attire.
I dislike high heels, they certainly won’t ease my soles
as much as flip flops do.

I hold myself back in valuing my own beauty
but I never hesitate while complimenting a stranger around me.

I am not a perfect woman,
I will go emotional over a mouse trying to run for his life,
a three-legged dog on street,
or even a pig finding his food in trash bin

because a real animal lover isn’t restricted to
adoring fluffy puppies or kitties.

I am selfless,
but I am selfish when it’s about protecting somebody
with all my heart.
I seek for magic, mystery, & miracles
in most ordinary things.

I am little impatient,  
a little unreliable,
a little insecure,
a rebellious mess,
and a pro in making mistakes!
My heart runs wild somewhere between
beautifully flawed reality & partially broken dreams.

For I, am not a perfect woman.

To know who I am,
all they want are cautiously crafted
comprehensible categories  
to get me fit into their chorus.
However, what they don’t understand is that,
I was born to sing a whole different song.

Indeed, I am not a perfect woman
but I, am perfectly imperfect.




Two days ago, I went at my relatives neighbour’s house. They had some work with me. Like an obedient human, I sat there for pretty long time and resolved their glitch. They had an infant in their house. A boy, just around 1 year old. His frequent giggles were keeping me entertained on that dull afternoon. I tried to play with him in between. He would come crawling right near my feet and try to see the top of the couch. Squeeze emoticon ball laying on the floor, wasn’t so gripping for him anymore. He started whining & then yelping all at once. I got terrified. I am horrible with children’s. I still haven’t learned the trick of making them smile. Just when I thought it’s time to leave now, a woman from next door paid a visit with her toddler. I thought, this is going to be disastrous now. Turns out, whatever happened after that, sank my heart. As some time passed, the mother of that few months old infant started telling her own child how he can’t walk yet and that other women’s toddler can. I was stunned. I just wanted to shout – “Wait, what? Stop! You comparing an infant with a toddler? Why? And besides, you comparing one kid with another? Why,why,why?”
It was maddening to see that. I stood up and took their permission to leave. I left, with a thousand questions in my mind.
“That baby is getting compared with another baby today. He is being taught to ‘compare’. So tomorrow, he might compare himself with another kid of his age.” This thought ran into my mind for hours.
Throughout life, from childhood to old age, we easily compare ourselves with others, without thinking twice about it. when we compare ourselves with other, we begin to destroy our own existence. In a class of a hundred students, teachers compare some kids with others who are smarter, brighter & more talented than some of them are. At home, some parents try to associate their child with relatives or friends or neighbours children’s. You see? That’s where a young mind loses its confidence. Once we get this terrible feeling, it’s hard for some of us to get rid of it.
we continue to torture ourselves until we don’t reach till other’s level. He is taller than me, he is stronger than me, she is beautiful than me, he is richer than me, she is luckier than me, he is more respected & popular than me, she has more attractive curves than me and the list is boundless!
Just forget the fact for a moment, that you are living on a blue planet filled with more than 7 billion human beings who are driving a meat coated skeleton exactly like you? Would you still compare yourself with anyone else? For you, the word ‘comparison’ wouldn’t exist anymore. Can’t we live without comparing ourselves or somebody else with anybody? Of course, we can. If we do that at least for the sake of our own happiness, there will be no high, there will be no low. There will be no superior, there will be no inferior; but just a bunch of billions of people breathing with gratification. Those who carry a desire to watch others getting destroyed, can never be satisfied with themselves. Their thoughts of you are irrelevant, your thoughts of them being powerful are irrelevant. They have everything what you don’t, that means they are superior than you are, right? Wrong! You are, what you are. And to understand your own self, the process of comparison must come to an end. When we get to the point where we don’t even want to fight through our own struggles, that’s when we let our head become our worst enemy.  It’s like being trapped in a box with a ravening beast, you can’t escape from it. The best that you can be is simply the happiest that you can be. Yes, that’s quite repetitive but true. While it is heavenly to dream big & hold high hopes for yourself, they should not come at the expense of your self-worth and most importantly, not because you are comparing yourself with few people around you. They are not you. You are. And that is what makes you so special. Instead of thinking about competition and great lifestyle, just do whatever will put a smile on your face at the end of the day. You may not be the best in what you do. But with your whole heart in it, you won’t feel like the worst one either and then all those dark clouds of negativity will disappear. When you don’t compare, you begin to understand what you are more clearly and that contentment, goes beyond all those pointless comparisons.

Never be afraid of being odd,
in a same ordinary world.


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